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David Papenfus Wedding Photography

We offer a traditional and realist style of photography, and have not followed modern trends of fairytales and social media centric representations. Our style is realistic, delivering top colourful photos, depicting you, your loved ones and emotions as your day unfolds.

You won’t find us advertising on popular wedding blogs, magazines and expos, as their style and target audience are not suited to our approach to work and photography.

If it’s awesome weddings photos you’re after, without the fancy side shows, then stick with us…..


David volunteered and joined as the official photographer for the Unogwaja Challenge in 2014 and 2015. His passion to capture special photographs and to be part of something he really believes in has made his work that much more meaningful. To me, the only testimonial a truly great photographer needs is his/her photos, and David’s photos do the talking. His photos tell an amazing story, and following the Unogwaja through the lens of David Papenfus is an incredible experience.

John McInroy

Founder, Unogwaja Challenge

David is a photographer that has a keen eye for that special element in family photos. He is wonderful with children as he had endless patience with them. He has managed to capture my 3 children in such a way that each one’s unique personality comes through with each photo. I look forward to my annual session with David, as do my children.  He makes memories with us.


Ann Jones-Kritzinger